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You, our customers, are of the highest importance to us.

We are always thinking how we can make your visit to our site more informational giving you more fact based information about us, Nootropics AI, and our products.

We hide nothing as we strive to be as transparent as possible with our processes, approach, and we list all of the ingredients within each of our products for your review.

We make our supplements from the very best all natural products available. We place no fillers and no artificial ingredients in any of our supplments.

If you are not happy with your purchase and you are within 120 days since you purchased our supplements please contact us at this email address to request a full refund.
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We all here at Nootropics AI are passionate about Health and Fitness.

We feel that good brain heath begins with regular exercise, a good diet, and a suitable nootropics stack based on science rather than trial-and-error.

Nootropics AI is passionate about helping you have a happy healthy life making each day fulfilling to the upmost. We want to help you to be amazing at everything you do! Let us join your journey through life.
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What is in Metron Supplements?

Metron Ingredients
Please Note: There are several Metron nootropic supplements and the ingredients for each of our supplements are listed on each of their respective pages.

Here below is the list of nootropic supplements we use for Metron Daily.  Please visit our product pages to review Metron nootropic supplement ingredients for our nootropic products. Thank You!

Metron Supplement Pages

Metron Daily

Metron Daily
Caffeine Free

Metron Magnum
Power Nootropic

Metron Twilight
Sleep Aid
Metron Supplement Facts

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